Wideband Torctite™- Butt Type

TORCA® TorcTite™ Butt Joint Clamps are the simple, effective way to connect exhaust system
components. Replaces U-bolts and other clamps. The positive clamping action allows the Butt style TorcTite clamp to be used on equal sized tubes without overlap. Exclusive design makes for fast, easy and accurate installation. Compatible with pipes, flex & mufflers. These clamps are used in commercial, earthmoving and agricultural applications. These clamps stop leaky gaps between butt joints. The unique reaction block design results in a strong, tightly sealed and reliable exhaust joint without the need for extra gaskets.

  • Specific OEM & Service designs
  • Unique sealing performance
  • Superior clamp load capability
  • Can come pre-assembled for easy installation
  • Compatible with pipes, and mufflers
  • Durable installation without damage to pipe ends


Wideband Torctite Clamp – Butt Type

Part Number Aluminised Part Number Stainless Nominal ID
0162140220 90380A 51mm
0162140622 90381A 57mm
0162141025 90382A 63mm
0162141427 90383A 70mm
0162141830 90384A 76mm
0162142235 90385A 89mm
0162142640 90386A 102mm
0162142845 90387A 114mm
0162143050 90388A 127mm
0162143460 90389A 152mm
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