Submersible Fuel Line Hose

In-tank applications where the inside and outside of the hose is in constant contact with gasoline and other liquid petroleum distillates.

  • Meets the SAE 30R10 specification for submersible fuel line hose applications.
  • Fluoro elastomer (FKM) tubed cover resists gas permeation and retards aging.
  • Aramid Fibre reinforcement – the same fibre used in bulletproof vests and is pound-for-pound stronger than steel.


Submersible Fuel line

Part Number
1 foot
Part Number
10 feet
Part Number
32.8 feet
Working Press.
27086* 27087 27083* 1/4 100
27093 27080 27084* 5/16 100
27097 27081 27089* 3/8 100

Note: * not a stock line please call us to enquire

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