Straight Coolant Hose Precut Lengths

This 3 ply Silicone heater hose is designed for heavy-duty pressure connections in hostile engine environments. It has a continuous operating temperature range of -54 degrees C to +177 degrees C. It resists hardening, cracking, cold, leaks, aging, steam, and many chemicals.. Meets or exceeds operating requirements of SAE J20 R1 Class A custom wall. TMC RP303B Class 1 Grade 2 and most OEM truck manufacturers’ specifications. (note: is resistant to many coolant additives)



Straight Coolant Hose Blue

Part Number ID (mm) ID (inch) Ply Rating Burst Press (psi) Standard Length
RPW150X1203P 38mm 1 1/2 3 Ply SAE J20 R1 120mm
RPW175X5203P 44mm 1 3/4 3 Ply SAE J20 R1 520mm
RPW2X4003P 51mm 2 3 Ply SAE J20 R1 400mm
RPW225X904P 57mm 2 1/4 4 Ply SAE J20 R1 90mm
P903483 127mm 5 3 Ply SAE J20 R1 70mm
RPW5X1004P 127mm 5 4 Ply SAE J20 R1 100mm
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