Sonic Tension Meter & Accessories

  • V-belts slipping or rolling over in pulley grooves?
  • Synchronous belts stripping teeth or skipping teeth?

Gates 508C Sonic Tension Meter can eliminate these problems.

  • Output readings measurable in hertz, pounds, kilograms and newtons.
  • ¬†Improved frequency range from 10-5000 hertz.
  • Variable frequency range filters.
  • Auto gain control automatically adjusts meter sensitivity.
  • 20 memory registers for belt contents.
  • LCD screen with back light.

Optional Sensors:

  • Standard Cord Sensor (7420-0206) (Included with 7420-0507)
  • Flat Flexible Sensor (7420-0205). Bend to required shape for convenient, one-hand operation. (Replaces 7420-0204)
  • Inductive Sensor (7420-0212) (Magnets included)
  • Replacement Magnet (7420-1212)

Part No: 7420-0508

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