Single Bolt Accuseal (Expanded)

The AccuSealTM Stainless Steel and aluminized Single bolt clamps can be used for a variety of different applications. It is typically used as an exhaust Joint Clamp for pipes, mufflers and converters. This is a very simple way to replace U-bolt and Guillotine clamps for a more streamlined look. Unique seal and high clamp loads are provided (creates over a tonne of clamping force) without permanent distortion to exhaust components. This results in an extremely strong, serviceable joint.

  • Provides joint serviceability
  • Unique sealing performance
  • Superior clamp load capability
  • Pre-assembled – easy installation
  • Designed for part-in-assembly attachment
  • Durable installation without damage to pipe ends


Single Bolt Accuseal Clamp (Expanded)

Part Number Aluminised Part Number Stainless Nominal ID
90869A 900016A 51mm
90870A 900017A 57mm
90871A 900018A 63mm
90872A 900019A 70mm
90873A 900003A 76mm
90874A 900004A 89mm
90875A 90885A 102mm
90876A —– 114mm
90877A 90887A 127mm
90878A SBPC152S 152mm
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