Round Band U-Bolt (Expanded)

This double edge open end clamp provides superior strength and sealing. The U-bolt thickness is 3/8”. This is a very robust product and is used in many different industries. The Round band Series is available in a variety of sizes and comes in a Zinc plated finish (Chrome plated finish is available in some sizes).


Round Band U Bolt Clamp (Expanded)

Part Number Zinc Part Number Chrome Nominal ID Actual ID
0161CZ025 —– 25mm 28mm
0161CZ028 —– 28mm 31mm
0161CZ032 —– 32mm 35mm
0161CZ035 —– 35mm 38mm
0161CZ038 —– 38mm 41mm
0161CZ041 —– 41mm 44mm
0161CZ045 —– 45mm 48mm
0161CZ048 —– 48mm 51mm
0161CZ051 0161CC051 51mm 54mm
0161CZ054 0161CC054 54mm 57mm
0161CZ057 0161CC057 57mm 60mm
0161CZ063 0161CC063 63mm 66mm
0161CZ076 0161CC076 76mm 79mm
0161CZ089 0161CC089 89mm 92mm
0161CZ102 0161CC102 102mm 105mm
0161CZ114 0161CC114 114mm 117mm
0161CZ127 0161CC127 127mm 130mm
0161CZ140 —– 140mm 143mm
0161CZ152 0161CC152 152mm 155mm
0161CZ178 —– 178mm 181mm
0161CZ203 —– 203mm 206mm
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