Restore Plus

Engine issues inevitably cause problems in the cooling system, and vice versa.

The most important function of the coolant in your cooling system is to transfer heat from the hot metal surfaces to the radiator. If the metal surfaces suffer any type of contamination this ability is reduced, putting excess strain on oil and engine components and ultimately resulting in premature failures.

Whether it is rust or other types of corrosion, oil or fuel contamination, or even scale from using poor quality water, Cummins Filtration has cleaning agents for your cooling system that will restore it to like new condition.

Our Restore and Restore Plus products are designed to treat specific kinds of contamination issues and are effective in assisting your cooling system to operate at peak efficiency.

Simple to use and effective, Restore and Restore Plus will bring your cooling system back to life without harming metal surfaces, gaskets, hoses or plastic parts.

Restore Plus:

  • Safety remove rust, corrosion, scale & solder bloom without disassembling your cooling system
  • Most effective cooling system cleaner for rust/scale contamination on the market
  • Safe for use with aluminium radiators and heaters, plastic parts and gasket
  • removes heavy rust and scale deposits
  • Mild acid-based chelating cleaner


Restore Plus

Restore Plus Part Number
3.78L Bottle (1 Gal.) CC2638
208L Drum (55 Gal.) CC2637


Restore/Restore Plus Problem Solving

Problem Restore Restore Plus
Silicate gel Excellent Poor
Rust Poor Excellent
Scale Fair Excellent
Oil & fuel Excellent Good
Solder bloom Good Good


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