REN Fluid Level Management Products


Some stationary applications, such as oil and gas pumping/compressing stations, power generation and agricultural irrigation systems, need fluid level management systems to ensure the engine is always lubricated. These stations are typically found in remote areas with several applications, spread out over many acres, being maintained by just one person.

For this reason, the REN Fluid Level Management System was developed. This system allows you to pick and choose components to build your own system to meet your specific needs.

Oil level regulator

The oil level regulator is the foundation of the fluid level management system. It provides a visual line-of-site into the oil pan to easily see the oil level in the sump.

The regulator can also incorporate an integrated switch tied to an external clean oil tank, adding oil when the sump reaches a certain level.

Since uptime is critical to these applications, the oil level regulator ensures the engine is always producing as intended.

Slow flow meter

The second key component of a good preventive maintenance program, the slow flow meter allows the maintenance manager to measure exactly how much clean oil is added to the system each month, especially when the meter is used in combination with an oil level regulator and a clean oil tank.

Maintaining accurate records of the add oil rate will assist in determining when to schedule an engine rebuild, possibly avoiding an engine failure. The meter is available with both analog and digital readouts; the digital readout can be wired into a wireless system to allow for remote data retrieval.

Continuous oil change module

The continuous oil change module can be combined with the other components to allow used oil to be burned as fuel. This provides the benefit of adding clean oil to the system as well as all of the benefits of an updated additive package.

Adding clean oil to the system can be especially important in some oil and gas fields where acidic sour gas is burned in the engine, thereby quickly reducing the Total Base Number (TBN) of the oil.

Additionally, added oil can minimise the impact on the oil drain and preventive maintenance interval.

You can combine all of these components together into one system, or pick and choose which of these building blocks are the optimal components for your maintenance system.

Liquid level switch

A REN component separate to the above system is the liquid level switch.

This product uses a simple switch to signal a shut-off valve, or to signal the opening of a valve to fill a necessary fluid.

The REN product line is a durable product group that has proven itself since the 1940s. It was designed specifically for the demands of industrial markets worldwide. There is no better product for your stationary preventive maintenance program.

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