Pro Series Fuel Processors


Our range of Pro Series fuel filters provide an excellent intermediate solution to improving fuel system cleanliness, as part of the overall goal of better fuel system performance.

Pro Series filters address a number of fuel system issues, including extending the service life of the element by using ‘Seeing is Believing®’ technology. Seeing is Believing shows when the filter has reached maximum holding capacity and easily indicates when the filter requires changing, eliminating element wastage that often occurs through premature filter changes.

With up to four times the contamination-holding capacity of standard fuel filters, Pro Series filters extend service intervals well beyond the original equipment filter capabilities. Pro Series filters also have high efficiency water removal capability of more than 95% for the service life of the element.

Pro Series filters can be supplied with a number of other options to control fuel system issues:

  • Water in fuel (WIF) indicators to warn you when it’s time to drain excess water collected by the filter
  • Heater options to help prevent filter plugging caused by paraffin wax solidification in colder weather
  • Priming pumps built-in for ease of service

Pro Series filters are factory fitted into many commercially manufactured vehicles or are easily adapted as a retrofit to improve or replace your existing fuel filtration system.

  • Diesel Pro for light commercial applications – flows up to 5.7 litres per minute (90GPH)
  • Fuel Pro for heavy duty applications – flows up to 11.4 litres per minute (180GPH)
  • Sea Pro for medium to high horsepower marine applications – flows up to 68 litres per minute (1080GPH)
  • Industrial Pro for extreme duty high horsepower mining applications – flows up to 75.7 litres per minute (1200GPH)

All Pro Series filters are easily serviced for element changes, reducing labour costs and downtime.

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