Powergrip® GT3- 8MGT and 14MGT

PowerGrip® GT3 is made of a highly advanced combination of materials. This technically advanced belt covers the widest range of industrial applications. The PowerGrip® GT3 synchronous belt transmits up to 30% more power than previous generation belts. This entire belt range (8MGT & 14MGT) is designed to run on existing drives and does not require any adaptation of the system. The 8MGT and 14MGT pitches are the optimum choice for high performance drives in the machine tool, paper, and textile industries where durability and low maintenance are required. Ideally suited on ACHE (air cooled heat exchangers) for maximum efficiency and optimum air flow. 8MGT and 14MGT are static conductive to ISO 9563 and are the premium belt for use in petroleum and liquid natural gas plants. An easy upgrade to existing HTD systems without the need to change sprockets.

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