PG Plus

PGPlus has provided superior heavy duty cooling system protection in every type of engine application and industry for the past 15 years.

PGPlus is the coolant of choice for many major fleet owners. It has extended the life of countless engines across a variety of industries.

PGPlus uses propylene glycol as the antifreeze/anti boil base. Propylene glycol is regarded as safe to handle which minimises risk to your wellbeing.

The additive package incorporates a hybrid of organic and inorganic additives to provide rock-solid protection for any engine’s cooling system.

Coupled with simple maintenance requirements, PG Plus provides up to 750,000 kilometres or 12,000 hours of service life. If correctly maintained and monitored, PG Plus could last the life of an engine.

Unlike lighter formula automotive-type coolants, PG Plus is suitable for any heavy duty application and meets the performance requirements of ASTM D6210 and Cummins CES 14603. Only coolants meeting these standards can provide the ultimate protection your engine needs against corrosion and liner pitting whilst maintaining the integrity of your engine’s cooling system.

To ensure your PGPlus coolant is providing maximum protection, it should be regularly tested using our 3 way test strips which will indicate the condition of the additive.

PG Plus:

  • Hybrid lifetime coolant with 250,000km (150,00mi) or 4000 hours service intervals
  • Easy maintenance with ES Extender, ES chemical filter
  • Best aluminium corrosion protection
  • Meets ASTM D6210, TMC RP330 and performance specifications of most major OEMs
  • Propylene glycol formulation


PG Plus

PGPlus Premix PGPlus Premix PGPlus Concentrate
4L Bottle (1 Gal.) CC2870 CC2657
10L Drum (2.6 Gal.) CC2871
20L Drum (5.3 Gal.) CC2869 CC2658
208L Drum (55 Gal.) CC2868 CC2659
1000L Pallecon (263 Gal.) CC2867 CC2832
Bulk (20,000L) CC2866
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