PG Platinum

PG Platinum is our flagship engine coolant. Based on an organic additive package, PG Platinum is designed to protect you, your engine and your environment.

Meeting Cummins’ stringent engine specifications CES 14603 and ASTM D6210, PG Platinum uses propylene glycol as the antifreeze/antiboil base. Propylene glycol is regarded as safe to handle and minimises risk to your wellbeing.

The organic additive package in PG Platinum is specifically designed to provide unmatched performance in liner pitting and corrosion resistance. It meets the specifications of all major engine manufacturers so you only need one product to satisfy all your coolant requirements.

With a service life of up to 1.5 million kilometres or 20,000 hours, PG Platinum delivers the best protection for your engine assets and fewer coolant replacements, thus reducing downtime and labour.

PG Platinum requires no additive* top-up so maintenance is minimised to just a simple test every six months to ensure the coolant is being maintained correctly. This also means chemical coolant filters are not required to replenish additive, making servicing easier.

*When correctly maintained in accordance with user instructions.

PG Platinum:

  • Organic lifetime coolant with 500,00km (300,000 mi) or 6000 hours service intervals
  • Easy maintenance with PG Platinum Extender and non-chemical filters
  • Best aluminium corrosion protection
  • Meets ASTM D6210, TMC RP330 and performance specifications of most major OEMs
  • OEM approved nitrite, amine, phosphate and silicate (NAPS) free formulation
  • Propylene glycol formulation


PG Platinum

PG Platinum Premix Part Number
4L Bottle (1 Gal.) CC36082
10L Drum (2.6 Gal.) CC36083
20L Drum (5.3 Gal.) CC36084
208L Drum (55 Gal.) CC36085
1000L Pallecon (263 Gal.) CC36086
Bulk (20,000L) CC36087
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