NanoNet Fuel Filters


The demands of emissions regulations have led to higher operating pressures within fuel systems to achieve a more complete combustion process. Higher pressure leads to closer tolerances between moving parts, causing even smaller particles to have more effect on the clearances between these components. The challenge is to remove these smaller particles at the highest efficiency possible.

Our NanoNet filters provide a final stage filtration solution using the same nanofibre media technology that is used in our NanoForce air filters. The nanofibres woven into our media help capture and retain contaminants more efficiently, improving performance by up to 13 times that of standard filters.

Under real world operating conditions, NanoNet has been proven to provide the ultimate protection for high-pressure common rail fuel systems by eliminating wear-causing contamination and maximising the life of the fuel injection components. This substantially improves the reliability of the engine fuel system to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

With such effective filtration, we can achieve the fuel cleanliness levels dictated by the strict ISO standards of fuel injector manufacturers. It’s easy to see why NanoNet is our leading fuel filtration product.

NanoNet is expanding to cover a larger number of applications and is fast becoming the first choice for filter replacement products within the market.

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