Micro-V® Stretch Fit Belts

On the surface, Stretch Fit™ belts may look like standard Micro-V® belts, but inside they are dramatically different. The secret is in Gates’ new Twistlock technology, where the strength and flexibility of the advanced polyamide tensile cord is surrounded by a specially formulated adhesive that literally locks on to the cord allowing it to elongate and stretch but never lose tension.

  • Gates Stretch Fit™ belts also incorporate Gates highly engineered and patented EPDM construction, thus making the belts extremely resistant to oil, leaks, wear and pilling.
  • Gates professional Stretch Fit™ installation tools are application specific and perfect for the job

See more at: https://www.gatesaustralia.com.au/products/automotive/passenger-car-and-light-truck/accessory-belt-drive-system/microv-stretch-fit-belts#sthash.ZpWRalwo.dpuf

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