Joiner 76MM Straight Polished Aluminium H Series

These 76mm Aluminium joiners are an excellent lightweight option for your hose joining and bespoke induction applications. These mirror polished joiners feature swaged ends (1.5mm raised beaded lip), essential for secure hose installation on high boost applications. Features: High Performance ratings with excellent reliability in all conditions. Easy to replace, cut and adapt to your piping needs. They are corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant, up to 250°C



Joiner 76mm Straight Polished Aluminium H Series

Part Number ID (mm) ID (inch) Material Std Length
H19 19mm 3/4 Aluminium 76mm
H25 25mm 1 Aluminium 76mm
H32 32mm 1 1/4 Aluminium 76mm
H38 38mm 1 1/2 Aluminium 76mm
H51 51mm 2 Aluminium 76mm
H57 57mm 2 1/4 Aluminium 76mm
H60 60mm 2 1/3 Aluminium 76mm
H63 63mm 2 1/2 Aluminium 76mm
H70 70mm 2 3/4 Aluminium 76mm
H76 76mm 3 Aluminium 76mm
H89 89mm 3 1/2 Aluminium 76mm
H102 102mm 4 Aluminium 76mm
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