Fuel Island Filtration


For high performance and longer fuel system life in diesel engines, it is crucial that fuel is free from contaminants, especially when using new ULSD fuels and biodiesel blends.

Fleetguard Filtration offers a first line of defense at the fuel storage tank to ensure clean fuel reaches the engine system of your equipment. High performance Fleetguard fuel island filters offer superior protection plus a troubleshooting diagnostic tool that allows for longer service intervals.

Fuel producers supply fuel to businesses at a predetermined cleanliness level yet the processes and equipment used to hold and transfer bulk fuel are often not maintained at an ideal level. This can contribute to a large amount of contamination entering the fuel supply chain. Fleetguard fuel island filters precondition the fuel to a level the onboard fuel systems can manage.

Benefits of Fleetguard fuel island filters:

  • Better fuel performance
  • Increased fuel system life – eliminates contaminants before fuel enters the system
  • Higher fuel economy with cleaner fuel
  • Longer service intervals – on-board diagnostics shows true condition of filter performance
  • Reliability and versatility
  • Dependable media performance, including StrataPore technology™
  • Synthetic media for finer filtration, plus a wide range of micron ratings
  • Differential Pressure Gauge (DPG) retrofits most existing fuel filter heads
  • Low maintenance and easy serviceability
  • Eliminates maintenance guesswork – DPG indicates when filter is plugging and needs change
  • Reduces maintenance costs


  • Mobile service
  • Overhead fuel tank
  • Stationary fuel tank
  • Marina fuel island

On-board Fuel Diagnosis

Fleetguard fuel island filters can be used with a range of filter heads that incorporate a DPG to reduce maintenance time and costs. The DPG closely monitors filter performance and signals when it’s time to change the filter.

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