Flat Band Easyseal

This Torca® universal bracket for mounting of system and/or shields and hardware packaging: clamp is fully assembled, hardware is coated with clear trivalent plating.

  • Ideal, service specific design
  • Flat, packaged, easy to store
  • Easy, fast, accurate installation
  • Unique sealing performance
  • Durable installation without damage to pipe ends
  • Standard industry sizes from 2”- 6”
  •  Available in bright finish 304 Stainless Steel

No need to separate pipes to install


Flat Band Easyseal Clamp

Part Number Stainless Nominal ID
89521K 51mm
89522K 57mm
89523K 63mm
89524K 70mm
89525K 76mm
89526K 89mm
89527K 102mm
90464K 114mm
89528K 127mm
89529K 152mm
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