Filter Head Assemblies

Not all engines come equipped with coolant filters. Fleetgaurd provides head assemblies that can be installed to achieve the benefits of coolant filtration including administering additive for PG Plus and reducing erosion in coolant systems caused by sand and dirt. Additionally, coolant filters help to significantly reduce pump and seal failure.



Filter Kits

Part Number Description Style Port Size Thread Size
204163 S Single water filter spin-on head Aluminium 3/8” NPT 11/16-16 UN- 2B
215617 S Dual water filter spin-on heads Aluminium 1/2” NPT 11/16-16 UN- 2B
256535 S Filter head mounting bracket (suits single & dual heads) Steel N/A N/A
257715 S Water filter head (204163S) and mounting bracket (256535S) assembly Aluminium Head 3/8” NPT 11/16-16 UN- 2B
3904378 S Severe duty water filter head* Aluminium / Steel Insert 3/8” NPT 11/16-16 UN- 2B
WFK1 Std single head retro kit includes components:
Std single head #204163S
3/8” NPTF 11/16-16 UN- 2B
Bracket #256535S
2 x bronze valves 3/8” NPTF #179901
2 x bronze tail connectors 3/8” NPTF #179903

* Severe duty filter head is recommended for most applications


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