Exhaust Stacks – Deflector (Expanded & Notched)

Available in:

  • Mild Steel
  • Aluminized Steel
  • Chrome Plated Metric Stack (Extra Expansion)

Available in two different styles:

  • ‘US’ Design (Round Shaped Outlet)
  • ‘AUS’ Design ( Oval shaped Outlet)

Chrome Plated Metric Stacks are expanded to suite larger systems

  • 76mm will suit 80mm systems
  • 89mm will suit 95mm systems

The use of chrome-plated stacks will enhance the outer appearance of the vehicle.

Aluminized stacks are more functional and will provide the owner with an extended period of service

Sparco exhaust components use a nickel-plated, chrome finishing process that meets the Australian Standards (AS1192) Service Condition 4.

When replacing a deflector, clamps should be inspected and replaced to ensure that the stack is in a steadfast position at all times.

Aluminised steel stacks are available in Black Finish.
To order, pleased add -B to the end of the part number eg: ASD0522X becomes ASD0522X-B

See pages on CLAMPS for replacement clamps

  • Our heavy-duty clamps feature some of the latest clamp technology available.
  • All our clamps are designed for fast, easy and accurate installation, while still providing maximum clamping force.
  • Whenever a muffler or exhaust stack on a vehicle is replaced, the clamps used on these parts should also be inspected and replaced to ensure that a leak-free seal is obtained on the exhaust system.


Exhaust Stacks – Deflector (expanded & notched

51mm (2″) X 600mm (24″) 0121D0522X ASD0522X 0123D0522X
900mm (36″) 0121D0523X ASD0523X 0123D0523X
1200mm (47″) 0121D0524X ASD0524X 0123D0524X
1500mm (59″) 0121D0525X ASD0525X 0123D0525X
1800mm (71″) 0121D0526X ASD0526X 0123D0526X
57mm (21/4″) X 600mm (24″) 0121D0572X ASD0572X 0123D0572X
900mm (36″) 0121D0573X ASD0573X 0123D0573X
1200mm (47″) 0121D0574X ASD0574X 0123D0574X
1500mm (59″) 0121D0575X ASD0575X 0123D0575X
1800mm (71″) 0121D0576X ASD0576X 0123D0576X
63mm (21/2″) X 600mm (24″) 0121D0632X ASD0632X 0123D0632X
900mm (36″) 0121D0633X ASD0633X 0123D0633X
1200mm (47″) 0121D0634X ASD0634X 0123D0634X
1500mm (59″) 0121D0635X ASD0635X 0123D0635X
1800mm (71″) 0121D0636X ASD0636X 0123D0636X
70mm (23/4″) X 600mm (24″) 0121D0702X 0123D0702X
900mm (36″) 0121D0703X 0123D0703X
1200mm (47″) 0121D0704X 0123D0704X
1500mm (59″) 0121D0705X 0123D0705X
1800mm (71″) 0121D0706X 0123D0706X
76mm (3″) X 600mm (24″) 0121D0762X ASD0762X 0123D0762X 0123D0762HX
900mm (36″) 0121D0763X ASD0763X 0123D0763X 0123D0763HX 89050C 89050A
1200mm (47″) 0121D0764X ASD0764X 0123D0764X 0123D0764HX 89051C 89051A
1500mm (59″) 0121D0765X ASD0765X 0123D0765X 0123D0765HX 925051C 925051A
1800mm (71″) 0121D0766X ASD0766X 0123D0766X 0123D0766HX
89mm (31/2”) X 600mm (24”) 0121D0892X ASD0892X 0123D0892X 0123D0892HX 89052C 89052A
900mm (36”) 0121D0893X ASD0893X 0123D0893X 0123D0893HX 89053C 89053A
1200mm (47”) 0121D0894X ASD0894X 0123D0894X 0123D0894HX 89054C 89054A
1500mm (59”) 0121D0895X ASD0895X 0123D0895X 0123D0895HX 89225C 89225A
1800mm (71”) 0121D0896X ASD0896X 0123D0896X 0123D0896HX
102mm (4”) X 600mm (24”) 0121D1022X ASD1022X 0123D1022X 89055C 89055A
900mm (36”) 0121D1023X ASD1023X 0123D1023X 89056C 89056A
1200mm (47”) 0121D1024X ASD1024X 0123D1024X 89057C 89057A
1500mm (59”) 0121D1025X ASD1025X 0123D1025X 89226C 89226A
1800mm (71”) 0121D1026X ASD1026X 0123D1026X 89985C 89985A
114mm (41/2″) X 600mm (24″) 0121D1142X ASD1142X 0123D1142X
900mm (36″) 0121D1143X ASD1143X 0123D1143X
1200mm (47″) 0121D1144X ASD1144X 0123D1144X
1500mm (59″) 0121D1145X ASD1145X 0123D1145X
1800mm (71″) 0121D1146X ASD1146X 0123D1146X
127mm (5″) X 600mm (24″) 0121D1272X ASD1272X 0123D1272X 89058C 89058A
900mm (36″) 0121D1273X ASD1273X 0123D1273X 89059C 89059A
1200mm (47″) 0121D1274X ASD1274X 0123D1274X 89060C 89060A
1500mm (59″) 0121D1275X ASD1275X 0123D1275X 89227C 89227A
1800mm (71″) 0121D1276X ASD1276X 0123D1276X 89988C 89988A
152mm (6”) X 600mm (24″) 0121D1522X ASD1522X 0123D1522X
900mm (36″) 0121D1523X ASD1523X 0123D1523X 89223C 89223A
1200mm (47″) 0121D1524X ASD1524X 0123D1524X 89224C 89224A
1500mm (59″) 0121D1525X ASD1525X 0123D1525X
1800mm (71″) 0121D1526X ASD1526X 0123D1526X



127mm 5″ 900022C *Use with Stacks for Vertical Support *Chrome Plated Bracket
152mm 6″ 90598C
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