Exhaust Service Tips


  • Use “Wide-Band” style clamps instead of U-Bolt style clamps when installing replacement components. The resulting joint will be leak tight and more easily serviceable on future jobs. “Wide-Band” clamps provide the user full wrap around installation, no pipe distortion when sealing and minimises exhaust leaks and eliminates the need for welding.
  • Eliminate the exhaust system as a source of cab noise by isolating pipe and mufflers with _flexible hangers and brackets. On installations where isolation mounts are not practical, use double wrapped mufflers.
  • Exhaust gases are passed through the muffler to reduce the noise of engine combustion. At the same time, back pressure causes exhaust gases to remain in the engine cylinder after the exhaust stroke. And, while a certain amount of backpressure is vital to optimal performance, too much can result in loss of horsepower and excessive engine / turbo charger operating temperatures. When this occurs, performance and fuel economy can suffer.
  • Remember to always replace components with like components in the exhaust system. By replacing an exhaust system part with a like component, you can be assured of the most efficient performance on your engine.
  • Contact our Customer Assistance team for any exhaust queries that you have.
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