Drivealign Laser Alignment Tool

  • Accurate alignment every time
  • Updated tool for misalignment detection

Designed to detect misalignment in serpentine drive systems, the two-piece kit contains a laser tool and a target piece, both of which are anodised red for high visibility in dark engine compartments. The laser beam itself is a large vertical line, and when coupled with the precisely etched groove in the target piece, can be used to easily identify misaligned pulleys and components. The tool works on automotive serpentine belt drives with 4 ribs or more.


  • Laser type: 650nm visible laser diode
  • Operating time: 20 hours of continuous service
  •  Battery type: replaceable lithium battery
  •  Specially designed magnetic feet to sit perfectly in K-section Micro-V pulleys
  • Neatly packaged in a blow-molded plastic case for durability during handling and storage

Part No: 91075

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