Breeze Constant Torque Clamps

For Use on Cooling System Applications.

Advantages of using Breeze Constant Torque Clamps:

  • Quadra-lock construction – housing orbitally riveted to saddle at 4 points providing extra strength. Liner protects soft or silicone hose from damage, extrusion or shear.
  • Eliminates the sometimes necessary replacement of expensive “”single use”” clamps during routine or emergency maintenance.
  • Fleet standard – easily installed, easily replaced in the field.
  • Energy store in compressed Belleville springs controls automatic clamp adjustment.
  • Torque Check – permits visual assurance that the clamp is properly installed.
  • Stainless steel — virtually unlimited product life – won’t rust or corrode and is re-useable



Constant Torque Clamps

Part Number Band Width Clamping Range
CT200L 15.8mm 32-54mm
CT250L 15.8mm 45-67mm
CT300L 15.8mm 57-79mm
CT350L 15.8mm 70-92mm
CT400L 15.8mm 83-105mm
CT450L 15.8mm 95-118mm
CT500L 15.8mm 108-130mm
CT550L 15.8mm 121-143mm
CT600L 15.8mm 133-156mm
CT650L 15.8mm 146-168mm
CT700L 15.8mm 159-181mm
CT750L 15.8mm 172-194mm
CT800L 15.8mm 184-206mm
CT850L 15.8mm 197-219mm
CT900L 15.8mm 210-232mm
CT9410 12.7mm 14-27mm
CT9412 12.7mm 17-32mm
CT9416 12.7mm 21-38mm
CT9420 12.7mm 21-44mm
CT9424 12.7mm 27-51mm
CT9428 12.7mm 33-57mm
CT9432 12.7mm 40-64mm
CT9436 12.7mm 46-70mm
CT9440 12.7mm 52-76mm
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