Centriguard lube Filters


To meet today’s increasingly stringent environmental requirements, engine designs are changing to reduce harmful exhaust emissions. These design changes can result in increased contaminant levels of lube oil – particularly soot, which can cause valve bridge and fuel injection wear, filter plugging, bearing failures and sludge formation.

At the same time, equipment users need to extend their oil drain intervals and reduce costly downtime.

Fleetguard Centriguard Centrifuge lube filters provide a solution for both of these critical requirements. Centriguard Centrifuge filters use a spinning rotor and centrifugal force to retain the damage-causing sludge and return clean oil back to the sump.

Once a suitable unit is selected and installed, the benefits can be realised in two distinct areas:

  • Reduced engine wear – as the unit removes additional contamination over and above the conventional lube filter, the moving parts have less exposure to contamination and therefore less wear.
  • Extended oil life – with less contamination in the oil, the service intervals can be extended, minimising service costs and improving your bottom line.
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