CCV Series

Crankcase blow-by gas is produced when combustion gases under high pressure escape past piston rings into the crankcase. As this blow-by gases pass through the crankcase, they become contaminated with oil mist. In enclosed areas, like generator sets or engine rooms, the contaminated gas coats and damages surrounding equipment, resulting in hazardous conditions and the need for costly maintenance. Uncontrolled blow-by oil mist also coats engine after-coolers and turbochargers, which reduces the cooling capacity and e ngine efficiency. Racor’s Crankcase Ventilation Systems prevent this problem by removing mist and contamination in blow-by gases. In closed systems (CCV), the high-efficiency filter prevents fouling of the turbocharger and after-cooler. In open systems (CV), it prevents fouling of surrounding equipment and walls, thus allowing clean exhaust to vent directly to the atmosphere. RP WALLIS WHOLESALE can help you select the correct CCV unit for your application

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