Breeze® Liner Full Stainless

An integral extension of the band as an inner protective liner protects soft-surface hose (silicone and others) from damage caused by extrusion or shearing through the band slots. Liner clamps afford maximum protection to soft hoses while providing a true concentric seal. Standard 1/2” (12.7mm) band 5/16” (7.9mm) slotted hex head screw Per SAE standard J1508 Type “F” This clamp has a fully 304 (W4) grade stainless steel band, housing, and screw.


Breeze Liner Full Stainless

Part Number Band Width Clamp Range
BR9406H 12.7mm 11-20mm
BR9408H 12.7mm 13-23mm
BR9410H 12.7mm 14-27mm
BR9412H 12.7mm 17-32mm
BR9416H 12.7mm 21-38mm
BR9420H 12.7mm 21-44mm
BR9424H 12.7mm 27-51mm
BR9428H 12.7mm 33-57mm
BR9432H 12.7mm 40-64mm
BR9436H 12.7mm 46-70mm
BR9440H 12.7mm 52-76mm
BR9444H 12.7mm 59-83mm
BR9448H 12.7mm 65-89mm
BR9452H 12.7mm 71-95mm
BR9456H 12.7mm 78-102mm
BR9460H 12.7mm 84-108mm
BR9464H 12.7mm 91-114mm
BR9472H 12.7mm 105-127mm
BR9480H 12.7mm 117-140mm
BR9488H 12.7mm 130-152mm
BR9496H 12.7mm 143-165mm
BR94104H 12.7mm 156-178mm
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