Breeze Industrial T-Bolt®

Heavy duty industrial T-Bolt clamps provide uniform pressure for a positive, reliable seal. Specifically designed for use in the high vibration and large diameter applications common in heavy truck, offroad equipment and industrial machinery. All clamps feature bands with rolled edges, solid trunions and 12mm hex bolt for quick installation. Available in: Completely zinc plated, 430 grade stainless band and zinc plated chromated hardware, and full 304 stainless construction.



Norma Industrial T-Bolt Clamp

Zinc Plated

Gates Industrial T-Bolt Clamp

Full Stainless

Part Number Band Width Clamping Range Part Number Band Width Clamping Range
GBS18/18-W1 18mm 17-19mm
GBS20/18-W1 18mm 19-21mm
GBS22/18-W1 18mm 21-23mm
GBS24/18-W1 18mm 23-25mm ID3323 18mm 23-25mm
GBS26/18-W1 18mm 25-27mm ID3326 18mm 26-28mm
GBS28/18-W1 18mm 27-29mm
GBS30/18-W1 18mm 29-31mm ID3329 20mm 29-31mm
GBS33/18-W1 18mm 31-34mm ID3332 20mm 32-35mm
GBS36/18-W1 18mm 34-37mm
GBS39/18-W1 18mm 37-40mm ID3336 20mm 36-39mm
GBS42/18-W1 18mm 40-43mm ID3340 20mm 40-43mm
GBS45/20-W1 20mm 43-47mm ID3344 22mm 44-47mm
GBS49/20-W1 20mm 47-51mm ID3348 22mm 48-51mm
GBS53/20-W1 20mm 51-55mm ID3352 22mm 52-55mm
GBS57/20-W1 20mm 55-59mm ID3356 22mm 56-59mm
GBS61/20-W1 20mm 59-63mm ID3360 22mm 60-63mm
GBS66/20-W1 20mm 63-68mm ID3360 22mm 64-67mm
GBS71/25-W1 25mm 68-73mm ID3368 24mm 68-73mm
GBS76/25-W1 25mm 73-79mm ID3374 24mm 74-79mm
GBS82/25-W1 25mm 79-85mm ID3380 24mm 80-85mm
GBS88/25-W1 25mm 85-91mm ID3386 24mm 86-91mm
GBS94/25-W1 25mm 91-97mm ID3392 24mm 92-97mm
GBS101/25-W1 25mm 97-104mm ID3398 24mm 98-103mm
GBS108/25-W1 25mm 104-112mm ID33104 24mm 104-112mm
GBS117/25-W1 25mm 112-121mm ID33113 24mm 113-121mm
GBS126/25-W1 25mm 121-130mm ID33122 24mm 122-130mm
GBS135/30-W1 30mm 130-140mm ID33131 26mm 131-139mm
GBS145/30-W1 30mm 140-150mm ID33140 26mm 140-148mm
GBS156/30-W1 30mm 150-162mm ID33149 26mm 149-161mm
GBS168/30-W1 30mm 162-174mm ID33162 26mm 162-174mm
GBS181/30-W1 30mm 174-187mm ID33175 26mm 175-187mm
GBS194/30-W1 30mm 187-200mm ID33188 26mm 188-200mm
GBS207/30-W1 30mm 200-213mm ID33201 26mm 201-213mm
GBS220/30-W1 30mm 213-226mm ID33214 26mm 214-226mm
GBS233/30-W1 30mm 226-239mm
GBS246/30-W1 30mm 239-252mm
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