Breeze Hi-Torque™

The strongest worm-gear clamp made in the world today. Withstands more than 3 times the SAE torque requirements for Type F worm-gear clamps. Eight screw-threads are engaged in the band simultaneously for incredible torquing drive (over 150 in.lbs – 16 Nm), sealing pressure, and vibration resistance. 5/8″ (15.8 mm) band. 5/16” (7.9mm) hex head screw Per SAE standard J1508 Type “HD” This clamp has a fully 304 (W4) grade stainless steel band, housing, and screw.



Breeze Hi-Torque

Part Number Band Width Clamping Range
HTM175 15.8mm 25-45mm
HTM200 15.8mm 32-54mm
HTM250 15.8mm 45-67mm
HTM300 15.8mm 57-79mm
HTM350 15.8mm 70-92mm
HTM400 15.8mm 83-105mm
HTM450 15.8mm 95-118mm
HTM500 15.8mm 108-130mm
HTM550 15.8mm 121-143mm
HTM600 15.8mm 133-156mm
HTM650 15.8mm 146-168mm
HTM700 15.8mm 159-181mm
HTM750 15.8mm 172-194mm
HTM800 15.8mm 184-206mm
HTM850 15.8mm 197-219mm
HTM900 15.8mm 210-232mm
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