Breeze Fuel Injection®

Fuel injection clamps are designed to provide the uniform sealing pressure required on fuel injection hose. They feature non-perforated rolled-edge bands with a special nut and bolt-tightening design. These have a zinc plated, clear chromate, carbon steel screw with a 7mm hex head. The Band is 9mm wide and is also zinc plated, clear chromate, carbon steel.



Fuel Injection

Part Number Band Width Clamping Range
FI1PB 9mm 7mm-9mm
FI2PB 9mm 9mm-11mm
FI3PB 9mm 10mm-12mm
FI4PB 9mm 11mm-13mm
FI5PB 9mm 13mm-15mm
FI6PB 9mm 14mm-16mm
FI7PB 9mm 15mm-17mm
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