SCR systems require a reagent as a part of the process to convert toxic Nitrogen Oxide gas (NOx) emitted from diesel exhaust, into harmless nitrogen and water. That reagent comes in the form of Fleetgaurd AdBlue, an Aqueous urea Solution of 32.5%. Urea that is mixed in exacting proportions of deionized water (AUS32). This is ratio is important to meet the correct rate of emission control requirements.

  • Fleetgaurd AdBlue is manufactured, tested and packaged in Australia to meet the highest quality standards as determined by ISO22241.
  • Cummins Filtration’s world-class production is facility is the first of its kind in Australia to be voluntarily accredited by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) in the processes required to manufacture AdBlue
  • No matter your location, we’ve got an AdBlue solution for you. Choose from packaged or bulk supply, delivered to your door.



Fleetguard AdBlue Part Number
10L CC36058
20L CC36059
205L CC36060
1000L CC36061
Bulk 20,000L CC36094


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